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What are customers saying about your business?

Why Reviews Matter

Turn Positive Reviews into More Business

It’s natural that potential clients are attracted to businesses with a higher star rating and more online reviews when searching for local services. 

Without a strong review program in place, you may be spending your marketing budget to drive leads to your competitors! Even if you’re the top ranked business on Google My Business!

Take control of your online reputation

Your business may have online reviews that you aren’t even aware of. Not knowing what people are saying means you aren’t in control of your businesses reputation.

Our system tracks all relevant review platforms that your company may appear on so you always know what people are saying about your products and services. 

Did You Know...

0 %
of people search businesses online
before making a purchasing decision
0 %
of people read at least two online reviews
before making purchases
0 %
of people trust online reviews as much as
recommendations from friends and family
0 %
of people believe reviews older
than 3 months are irrelevant

Protect Your Reputation & Generate Leads

Stop Bad Reviews In Their Tracks

Protecting your reputation isn't just about getting more positive reviews. Our system allows you to handle customer complaints privately, before they turn into public negative feedback.

Measure Your Progress & Growing Reputation

We provide monthly reporting so you can track your reputation growth. This reporting means you will be able to target your review requests in line with your current marketing goals.

Boost Your Average Rating Score

Get more customer reviews and easily collect them in one place with our simple process. We automate the process via email and text and we create a page to help you get those great reviews from happy customers.

Review Monitoring & Alerting

Know about your reviews as they come in. Our notification system makes sure that you never miss a thing so you can respond to positive reviews and address negative feedback before it does any harm. We optimize the process with Google, Facebook and the industry specific sites that are important to you.

What's The TRUE COST?

You can spend all the marketing dollars you want, but if your marketing campaigns are leading potential customers to choose your competitor, then you are essentially, marketing for your competition! 

Not paying attention to your online reviews and reputation has a true cost associated in the potential of lost customers.

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